Mirrors & Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror splashbacks and panelling combine practicality with the art of illusion.

As a reflective surface material, mirrors provide the perfect opportunity to prepare, pamper, preen and pose with the added benefit of enlarging and transforming even the smallest bathroom space.

Mirror splashbacks and panelling are truly bespoke products and can be fabricated to suit individual design requirements. We fabricate mirrors and mirror splasbacks in thicknesses of 4mm and 6mm with polished or bevelled edge profiles.

If you have a particular design which you would like to discuss or if you know exactly what you need and simply require a quote please don't hesitate contacting Bathing Bliss on 0845 838 7571 or email sales@bathingbliss.co.uk

We also stock a range of high quality aluminium mirror cabinets (as top right picture) which start from £329.00. Please call for further information including prices.